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Is your air conditioning failing to provide its original freshness?

As your car air conditioning system ages, you may notice the freshness of the air provided deteriorating. Whenever your air conditioning is operating, moisture from the air condenses on the system’s cold surfaces. Whilst most of this moisture drains harmlessly away, some of the moisture remains within the ventilation system after you’re A/C is turned off.

The residual moisture provides the ideal living environment for naturally airborne fungal micro-organisms, mildew and mould


Have you noticed musty or foul odours upon entering your car or switching on the heating or air-conditioning?

Have you suffered from sore throats, flu–like symptoms or allergic reactions?

If so, this could be caused by the year round build-up of germs, bacteria, mould spores and fungi within your air conditioning /ventilation system.

The interior environment of your vehicle doesn’t have to be permeated with unpleasant and objectionable odours. Have your vehicle treated with Wynn’s AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic Cleaning System, which removes odours not only from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, but from the interior surfaces as well.

PDS Autocare Borehamwood car air conditioning re gas r134a r1234yf Anti Bacterial
PDS Autocare Borehamwood car air conditioning re gas r134a r1234yf Anti Bacterial

The Problem:

Moisture condensation in the air conditioning system provides an environment perfect for mould, fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms to grow. Odours associated with these micro-organisms permeate the air duct system, sending these odours into the vehicle interior.

Stale odours from tobacco, spilled food, beverages, fluids and other sources build up in the upholstery, carpeting and headliner.

Moisture from leaks in the vehicle body or moisture introduced from wet footwear can also provide an environment for micro-organisms to grow.

The Solution:

Let us at PDS Autocare

Clean and deodorize the heating, ventilation, air conditioning system and the vehicles interior with Wynn’s AIRCOMATIC Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

The AIRCOMATIC unit uses ultrasonic technology to atomize the AIRCO-CLEAN liquid into a fine mist that circulates through the vehicle’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and fills the vehicle’s interior.

This ultrasonic mist is designed to eliminate the unpleasant odours associated with mould, mildew fungus and bacteria.

Also eliminate most odours in the carpeting, upholstery and headliner associated with tobacco, spilled food, beverages and other sources.

Designed to eliminate stale vehicle interior odours in general.

Ideal for reconditioning used vehicles to provide a fresh and clean smelling interior environment.

Antibacterial Service is recommended Every year or 15,000 miles

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