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Firstly the gas is analysed to check that it is not contaminated.

All components are inspected and cab blowers are checked to be working.

System pressures are inspected for high and low readings.

Access output temperatures using digital thermometer.

Remove refrigerant from your system in to a recovery bottle.

The refrigerant is then measured by weighing the contents with digital scales.

The system is vacuumed to remove air and moisture out of the system.

Oil is injected in to the system to lubricate the system components.

Ultra violet dye is also injected to help trace any future leaks.

Recharge system using new refrigerant to the correct manufacture specifications.

Re-access system pressures, performance and output temperature.

PDS Autocare Borehamwood car air conditioning re gas r134a r1234yf


Sometimes air conditioning systems produce small leaks that are extremely difficult to trace. These can take a long time for any engineer to find!

By adding the ultra violet dye into your a/c system can reduce the time it takes to trace any leaks dramatically.

The dye injected into the system will leave a mark; highly visible using an ultra violet light, reducing the cost of labour used trying to locate a leak!!

Ultra violet dye can be added to your air conditioning system at any time, during servicing or if there is any signs of leakage. Ultra violet dye injection into you’re a/c system is all part of the service.

PDS Autocare Borehamwood car air conditioning re gas r134a r1234yf


Normally caused by lack of use during the winter months or systems that are not serviced at the recommended two year service interval.

Running air con during the winter months helps with the di-misting process and also helps keep the rubber seals supple.

A properly functioning air conditioning system makes for a safer more comfortable driving experience. A new system will work as well as the car manufacture intended, but given time the system can gradually degrade to an unacceptable level.

Air conditioning is not only for hot humid days. When used in the colder months it will keep the front screen from misting as de-humidified air is passed over it.

Air conditioning systems should be “exercised” for at least 10 minutes a week to enable oil to reach all seals to prevent them from drying and shrinking. It also lubricates the moving parts of the compressor to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

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